5 February 2012

Can - Monster Movie (1969)

"You can probably fault this album as far as "compositional complexity" goes -- no monster keyboard solos ala Emerson or Wakeman or any of that rubbish. But in terms of "sheer enveloping sound" and GROOOVE it's a stone classic.
So much of the great 80's underground/indie-postpunk owes a debt to this milestone: PIL, Mission of Burma, Sonic Youth . . . truly Can was a band ahead of its time.
But definitely more on the avant/primitivist end of the prog spectrum." - dog3000 - ProgArchives

- Holger Czukay / bass
- Michael Karoli / guitar
- Jaki Liebezeit / drums
- Irmin Schmidt / keyboards
- Malcolm Mooney / vocals

1. Father Cannot Yell (7:01)
2. Mary, Mary so Contrary (4:16)
3. Outside my Door (4:06)
4. You doo Right (20:14)

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