31 January 2010

The Group - The Group (1978)

"Progressive rock/fusion music was hardly having its heyday in 1977 - the media had turned their back on prog, and most bands had either gone underground or disappeared completely. This didn't seem to bother the band at all though - instead, they intentionally aimed at filling the void in the media. They took influence from various Fusion supergroups such as Return To Forever and Weather Report. The Group's only album, released in 1978, is somewhat of an anomaly in Pohjola's discography, as it bears little resemblance to his other works. Pohjola's trademark sound is nowhere to be found and musically it possibly pays too much tribute to their "idols". However, this was indeed a group effort instead of one of Pohjola's solo offerings (Pohjola and Ahvenlahti were credited as the main composers), which might partially explain it." - ProgArchives

- Olli Ahvenlahti / keyboards
- Pekka Pohjola / bass
- Seppo Tyni / guitars
- Vesa Aaltonen / drums

1. Thai (5:19)
2. Ripple Marks (10:07)
3. Berenice's Hair (5:24)
4. Gado-Gado (6:53)
5. Annapurna (11:41)

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30 January 2010

Høst - På Sterke Vinger (1974)

"Simply one of the best Norwegian albums ever! All of the songs have an extremely high standard, no dead-points. The musicianship on this album is very good, and so are the vocals too. You can in fact almost hear some Iron Maiden types of music on this album. although this album came out a couple of years before Maiden's debut. I love this album, and I would recommend it to anybody." - k_ravn_thedrummer-ProgArchives

- Geir Morgan Jahren / vocals
- Lasse Nilsen / guitar
- Bernt Bodahl / bass
- Knut R. Lie / drums, vocals
- Svein Rønning / guitar, clavinet, organ, string ensemble, Mini-Moog, flute, vocals

1. Fattig Men Fri (4:50)
2. For Sent A Angre (2:55)
3. I Ly Av Mørket (5:11)
4. Satans Skorpe (4:17)
5. Dit Vi Må (4:14)
6. Samhold (3:41)
7. På Sterke Vinger (9:57)

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Acqua Fragile - Mass-Media Stars (1974)

"Interesting Italian progressive band which produced 2 albums in the early 70's. The music is intricate and rich in arrangements, although it lacks a little bit in originality. The listener will realize the similarities with GENESIS and mainly PFM's "Chocolate Kings" right away. Still a good try... dont miss it!" - ProgArchives

- Gino Campanini / guitar, mandolin, guitar (electric), vocals
- Piero Canavera / guitar, percussion, vocals
- Franz Dondi / bass
- Claudio Fabi / piano
- Bernardo Lanzetti / guitar, guitar (electric), vocals, guitar (8 String)
- Maurizio Mori / keyboards, vocals

1. Cosmic Mind Affiar (7:22)
2. Bar Gazing (5:07)
3. Mass-Media Stars (6:55)
4. Opening Act (5:40)
5. Professor (6:49)
6. Coffee Song (5:57)

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28 January 2010

Goblin - Roller (1976)

"Symphonic band from Italy who adapted their music to the movie industry, mainly horror movies from the 70's. The outstanding keyboard work performed by Claudio Simonetti is a trademark of GOBLIN. Most of their stuff is really heavy and moody, with a Floydian progressive feel, and generally pretty good.
Beginning with their first "Profundo Rosso" GOBLIN were obviously better suited to soundtrack music than as a studio offering and the majority of their work was in this vein. Their excellent second "Roller" is a very nice album of traditional symphonic progressive rock from the Italian group. Newcomers to the group will want to investigate their heralded soundtrack albums first, particularly "Profondo Rosso" and "Suspiria". The "essential" GOBLIN works. Highly recommended for fans of soundtrack music.
The band is again active with a new album released in 2006." - ProgArchives

- Maurizio Guarini / keyboards, Moog
- Agostino Marangolo / drums, perc.
- Massimo Morante / guitars
- Fabio Pignatelli / basses
- Claudio Simonetti / keyboards, Moog

1. Roller (4:38)
2. Aquaman (5:22)
3. Snip snap (3:37)
4. The snake awakens (3:27)
5. Goblin (11:10)
6. Dr. Frankenstein (6:00)

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Jeff Beck - Wired (1976)

Wired is a 1976 solo album by Jeff Beck. It was this album that started a fruitful collaboration with former Mahavishnu Orchestra keyboardist Jan Hammer whom Beck toured with shortly thereafter. Beck and Hammer interplay extensively between each other somewhat similar to the way Hammer would counter John McLaughlin in the Mahavishnu Orchestra by making his synthesizer sound almost identical to a guitar. Beck also brought in another Mahavishnu alumnus, drummer Narada Michael Walden who composed four of the tracks. The result was a more "synthesized" sound, hence its title, Wired. Some tracks included members of the Blow by Blow lineup which were recorded during those sessions but were left off that album and carried over to Wired.

Jeff Beck - Guitar
Wilbur Bascomb - Bass
Max Middleton - Keyboards
Jan Hammer - Synthesizer, Drums on "Blue Wind"
Richard Bailey - Drums
Ed Greene - Drums
Narada Michael Walden - Drums, Piano

1."Led Boots" (Max Middleton) – 4:03
2."Come Dancing" (Narada Michael Walden) – 5:55
3."Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" (Charles Mingus) – 5:31
4."Head for Backstage Pass" (Wilbur Bascomb, Andi Clark) – 2:43
5."Blue Wind" (Jan Hammer) – 5:54
6."Sophie" (Walden) – 6:31
7."Play with Me" (Walden) – 4:10
8."Love Is Green" (Walden) – 2:30

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27 January 2010

Stewart & Gaskin - The Big Idea (1990)

By 1986, Dave & Barbara had reached a level of musical sophistication where aiming their work at the UK singles-buying market no longer seemed a smart career move. The duo decided to concentrate instead on making albums, and work began on a project which was to take three years to complete: the awesome 'Big Idea' album. Every track is a labour of love, with no 'fillers'. Starting with a lush and emotional exploration of Billy Bragg's touching Tamla Motown homage 'Levi Stubbs' Tears', and continuing with the ballad 'Grey Skies' (about the English weather, and England), 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' (a savagely deconstructed electronic version of the old Dylan song), 'Mr. Theremin' (a tribute to the Russian inventor), The Big Idea goes from strength to strength, culminating in the monumental 'New Jerusalem', a sonic epic complete with 25-voice Welsh choir and the pipe organ of St. Georges Hanover Square.

Barbara Gaskin - Vocals
Dave Stewart - Keyboards, rhythm programming
Jakko - Guitar
Gavin Harrison - Drums

1. Levi Stubbs' Tears
2. My Scene
3. Grey Skies
4. Subterranean Homesick Blues
5. Heatwave
6. The Crying Game
7. Deep Underground
8. Shadowland
9. Mr Theremin
10. New Jerusalem

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Fusioon - Fusioon (1972)

"This is a Spanish quartet from Barcelona featuring Manuel Camp (piano and keyboards), Jordi Camp (bass), Santi Arisa (drums) and Marti Brunet (electric guitars and synthesizers). In the first half of the Seventies FUSIOON released three albums entitled "Fusioon I" (1972), "Fusioon II" (1974) and "Minorisa" (1975).
The first album FUSIOON contains arrangements from 'traditionals'. It sounds like a tasteful stew with classical, folk, jazz and symphonic elements. The songs has echoes from KING CRIMSON (Fripperian guitar), FOCUS (flute) and Le ORME/EKSEPTION/ELP (Hammond organ) but the musical ideas are great and the musicians play strong with many surprising breaks and exciting solos and interplay. The highlight is "Danza del molinero" (Manual de Falla) with sparkling piano, a tight rhythm-section, an Andalusian sounding violin, fiery electric guitar and powerful Hammond waves, culminating in a grand finale.." - Erik Neuteboom

- Santi Arisa / drums
- Marti Brunet / guitar, synthesizers
- Jordi Camp / bass
- Manel Camp / piano, keyboards

1. Danza Del Molinero (4:33)
2. Ya Se Van Los Pastores(5:16)
3. Ses Porqueres (3:13)
4. Pavana Espanola (3:01)
5. Negra Sombra (3:44)
6. En El Puerto De Pajares (4:13)
7. Rima Infantil (3:37)
8. El Cant Del Ocells (4:15)

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26 January 2010

Ache - De Homine Urbano (1970)

"The seeds for ACHE were sown in the early 60's via the Danish beat group THE HARLOWS. When HARLOWS Torsten Olafsson (bass), Peter Mellin (organ) and Glenn Fischer (drums) were joined by former MCKENZIE SET guitarist Finn Olafsson in 1968, ACHE was born.
They spent the next two years working on an extended piece called "De Homine Urbano", which was released as programme music to an experimental "rock ballet" in 1970. Released on the Philips label the same year with an accompanying single of non-album tracks, it netted positive reviews in the Danish press. ACHE's "rock theater" created something of a sensation in the rock underground, and "Green Man" followed in 1971. The next major ACHE project, by a revised six-piece version of the band, was a conceptual work called "Pictures From Cyclus 7", written in collaboration with lyricist Bo Lillesöe in 1975 and released one year later." - ProgArchives

- Torsten Olafsson / bass, vocals, harpsichord
- Finn Olafsson / guitars, vocals
- Peter Mellin / Hammond organ, piano, vibraphone, vocals
- Glenn Fischer / drums, percussion

1. De Homine Urbano (19:01)
- Overture
- Soldier theme
- Ballerina theme
- Pas de deux
- Ogre theme
- Awakening
- The dance of the demons
- Pas de trois
- The last attempt
- Finale
2. Little Things (18:37)

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Porcupine Tree - Lazarus (2005)

"For a single this one is perfect. The a-side of this disc is the beautiful ballad Lazarus which is taken from the "Deadwing" album. It's a lovely song with nice pianos.
The b-sides are both non-album tracks (not on the retail version of "Deadwing" that is): So-called Friend is a good -and quite heavy- rock song with nice vocals. Half-Light was first supposed to be the ending of the "Deadwing" album, but didn't make it on the album (replaced by the also amazing Glass Arm Shattering).. " - Tristan Mulders-ProgArchives

- Steven Wilson / vocals, guitar, additional keyboards
- Richard Barbieri / keyboards
- Colin Edwin / bass
- Gavin Harrison / drums, percussion

1. Lazarus [Radio Edit] (3:56)
2. So Called Friend (4:49)
3. Half-Light (6:20)

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25 January 2010

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II (1969)

"Led Zeppelin II, also known by the unofficial nickname The Brown Bomber, is a rock and roll album, the second released by English band Led Zeppelin in 1969. Here they further developed ideas established on their debut album, creating a work which became even more widely acclaimed and arguably more influential."

* Jimmy Page - acoustic, electric, and pedal steel guitar, backing vocals, producer
* Robert Plant - Vocals, harmonica
* John Paul Jones - Bass guitar, organ (music), backing vocals
* John Bonham - Drums, backing vocals

1. "Whole Lotta Love" (Bonham/Dixon/Jones/Page/Plant) – 5:34
2. "What Is and What Should Never Be" (Page/Plant) – 4:46
3. "The Lemon Song" (Howlin' Wolf/Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant) – 6:18
4. "Thank You" (Page/Plant) – 4:47
5. "Heartbreaker" (Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant) – 4:14
6. "Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)" (Page/Plant) – 2:38
7. "Ramble On" (Page/Plant) – 4:24
8. "Moby Dick" (Bonham/Jones/Page) – 4:21 [instrumental]
9. "Bring It on Home" (Dixon/Page/Plant) – 4:21

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24 January 2010

Tony Carey - Some Tough City (1984)

Former Rainbow keyboardist and Planet P creator Tony Carey became a solo star in Germany. The California native had some U.S. success in 1984 with Some Tough City. It yielded two Top 40 hits in "A Fine Fine Day" and "The First Day of Summer." Carey plays virtually every note except for drums, the guitar solos and a couple of saxophone breaks. His keyboard work in particular is tasteful, efficient and melodic. Some Tough City is a strong effort. It's a loose concept album and the songs are individual stories about the struggle of down-and-out people trying -- and often failing -- to make better lives for themselves in big cities like New York and Los Angeles. "A Fine Fine Day" is a majestic rocker with a powerful chorus; the lyrics about mysterious Uncle Sonny's troubles are cleverly vague. "A Lonely Life" seems to profile a drug dealer and junkie. "Eddie Goes Underground" is an infectious rocker with lyrics about a criminal on the run from the law. "The First Day of Summer" is deceptive in its bright sound because the song is about two runaway delinquents; the narrator is left behind to work as a hotel dish washer when his friend steals their car and leaves. The high-energy song "Tinseltown" tells how Hollywood eats up dreamers who want to be stars. "I Can Stop the World" is a ballad, but it's not wimpy. "Some Tough City" addresses poverty in the United States. The more traditional ballad "She Can Bring Me Love" is a tale of a young working-class couple relying on their love to get through hard times.

Tony Carey - vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass
Johan Daansen, Reinhard Besser, Robert Musenbichler - guitar
Eddie Taylor - saxophone
Fritz Matzka, Peter Hauke, Andy Lunn - drums, percussion

1. A Fine, Fine Day
2. A Lonely Life
3. Eddie Goes Underground
4. The First Day of Summer
5. Reachout
6. Say It's All Over
7. Tinseltown
8. Hungry
9. I Can Stop the World
10. Some Tough City
11. She Can Bring Me Love

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23 January 2010

Stewart & Gaskin - Spin (1991)

More quality pop by Stewart & Gaskin. "Amelia" is a cover of the Joni Mitchell song.

Barbara Gaskin - Vocals
Dave Stewart - Keyboards, rhythm programming
Andy Reynolds - Guitar
Gavin Harrison - Drums
Jimmy Hastings - Flute, bass clarinet

1. Walking The Dog
2. The Cloths Of Heaven
3. 8 Miles High
4. Amelia
5. Trash Planet
6. Golden Rain
7. Your Lucky Star
8. Cast Your Fate To The Wind, Louie Louie (medley)
9. The 60's Never Die
10. Star Blind
11. 8 Miles High (bonus)

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22 January 2010

Roger Glover & Guests - The Butterfly Ball And The Grasshopper's Feast (1974)

"The Butterfly Ball is a concept album and subsequent live rock opera appearing in 1974 and 1975 respectively, based on the children's book The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper Feast. The album is officially titled the same as this poem, but is more commonly shortened to the Butterfly Ball to distinguish it.
It was originally conceived as a solo vehicle for Jon Lord and to be produced by Roger Glover, but Lord proved too busy with Deep Purple and Glover took up the reins on his own. Using his connections, Glover recruited a large cast of noted rock musicians to perform on it, with a different vocalist for each track. The single Love is All, with vocals from Ronnie James Dio, charted in the UK. The song has been used recently by the Dutch political party CDA in its election ads for the 2006 Dutch General Election..." - Wikipedia

Roger Glover: Synthesiser piano, guitar, bass guitar, percussion, backing vocals
Eddie Hardin: Piano, organ, synthesiser, backing vocals
Les Binks: Drums
Ray Fenwick: Guitar
Mo Foster: Bass guitar, double bass, fingerpops
Mike Moran: Piano
Liza Strike, Hele Chapelle, Barry St.John, Judy Kuhl Kay Garner, Joanne Williams: vocal backings
Ann Odell: Piano
Mike Giles: Drums
Nigel Watson: Saw
Eddie Jobson: Violin
Jack Emblow: Accordion
Chris Karan: Tabla
Robin Tompson: Bassoon

Glenn Hughes: Vocals on 2
Helen Chappelle: Vocals on 3
Barry St. John: Vocals on 3
Neil Lancaster: Vocals on 4
John Goodison: Vocals on 5
Mickey Lee Soule: Vocals on 7
David Coverdale: Vocals on 8
Liza Strike: Vocals on 9
Judi Kuhl: Vocals on 10
Ronnie James Dio: Vocals on 11, 19, 20
Jimmy Helms: Vocals on 12
Eddie Hardin: Vocals on 13
Tony Ashton: Vocals on 15
John Gustafson: Vocals on 16
John Lawton: Vocals on 17

1. Dawn (Glover) 1.21
2. Get Ready (Glover) 2.06
3. Saffron Dormouse And Lizzy Bee (Glover) 1.25
4. Harlequin Hare (Glover/Dio/Soule) 1.26
5. Old Blind Mole (Glover) 1.11
6. Magician Moth (Glover) 1.33
7. No Solution (Glover) 3.28
8. Behind The Smile (Glover) 1.46
9. Fly Away (Glover) 2.22
10. Aranea (Glover) 1.37
11. Sitting In A Dream (Glover) 3.40
12. Waiting (Glover) 3.11
13. Sir Maximus Mouse (Glover) 2.35
14. Dreams Of Sir Bedievere () 4.09
15. Together Again (Glover/Dio/Soule) 2.05
16. Watch Out For The Bat (Glover) 1.41
17. Little Chalk Blue (Glover/Hardin) 3.44
18. The Feast (Glover) 1.48
19. Love Is All (Glover/Hardin) 3.14
20. Homeward (Glover/Hardin) 4.12

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Egg - The Civil Surface (1974)

The Civil Surface is Egg’s third and final album. It was released in 1974. The band had broken up in 1972, not before performing some new material during their last concerts. The new songs were very well received by the audience, so the trio decided to re-unite to record these songs. The album features guest musicians such as Steve Hillage and Lindsay Cooper.

Dave Stewart - organ, piano, bass (6)
Mont Campbell - bass, vocals, French horn, piano
Clive Brooks – drums
Steve Hillage – guitar (5)
Lindsay Cooper – basson, oboe (1,6)
Tim Hodgkinson – clarinet (1,6)
Amanda Parsons – vocals (4)
Ann Rosenthal – vocals (4)
Barbara Gaskin – vocals (4)

1."Germ Patrol" – 8:31
2."Wind Quartet I" – 2:20
3."Enneagram" – 9:07
4."Prelude" – 4:17
5."Wring Out The Ground (Loosely Now)" – 8:11
6."Nearch" – 3:22
7."Wind Quartet II" – 4:48

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Mark Egan - A Touch Of Light (1988)

Mark Egan was the first bass player for the Pat Metheny Group. This is a solo album from 1988 showcasing his trademark fretless work. (Note for GRP collectors: this is GRD-9572)

Mark Egan - Bass
Bill Evans - Sax
Clifford Carter - Keyboard
Cafe - Percussion
Danny Gottlieb - Cymbals

1. A Touch of Light
2. Sandbox
3. Bombay Way
4. Waterfall Cafe
5. Ocean Child
6. Eastern Window
7. Wave Watch
8. Birthday Party for a Mermaid
9. Gil Evans

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Apoteosi - Apoteosi (1975)

"Built on the nucleus of the three brothers Silvana, Massimo and Federico Idà, APOTEOSI plays symphonic progressive rock with many of the usual characteristics: piano, flute, beautiful melodies, and a tendency to sound like PFM at times. I think they sound a little like an Italian CAMEL with a female vocalist and more sophisticated compositions.
"Apoteosi" is a great album (the sound is like PFM) but the band is unknown to most people who like prog. An undiscovered Italian progressive gem a la PFM, GENFUOCO, CELESTE. Very cool. Essential at some point for fans of Italian symphonic for sure." - ProgArchives

- Marcello Surace / drums
- Federico Idà / bass, flute
- Franco Vinci / guitar, vocals
- Silvana Idà / vocals
- Massimo Idà / keyboards, synthesizer

1. Embrion (2:35)
2. Prima Realta / Frammentaria Rivolta (14:40)
3. Il Grande Disumana / Oratori (Chorale) / Attesa (8:36)
4. Dimensione Da Sogno (3:48)
5. Apoteosi (5:50)

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After Crying - Megalázottak És Megszomorítottak (1992)

"Very important band from the rich HUNGARIAN PROG scene which makes a very complex and moody music. There is a huge variety in their music among their discography. Some albums are very dark, yet beautiful, with a calm atmosphere provided by cellos and violins among moody keyboards and guitars. Other albums hold a more consistent sound where you'll find Elp influences (mainly on the Hammond passages)."

- Ottó Rácz / oboe
- Csaba Vedres / keyboards
- Péter Pejtsik / cello, vocals
- Kristóf Fogolyán / flute
- Zsolt Maroevich / viola
- Judit Andrejszki / vocals
- Pál Makovecz / trombone
- Aladár Tüske / bassoon
- Balázs Winkler/ Trumpet

1. A Gadarai Megszállott (22:10)
2. A Kis Hõs (3:23)
3. Noktürn (1:52)
4. Megalázottak És Megszomorítottak (10:59)
5. Végül (2:25)

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After Crying - Overground Music (1990)

"No words necessary, just one: Masterpiece. An absolute masterpiece, an acoustic hurricane came from HUNGARY to renew the prog scene. "Confess your beauty" is a new classic, for me the best PROGROCK composition in the last two decades. And how to define "The Shining"? All the songs are pure gems. Their debut quickly entered the heaven of Progressive. A must! 5 stars? If I could, I would have given 6!" - dusk73-ProgArchives

- Vedres Csaba / piano, vocals, synthesizers
- Pejtsik Péter / cello, vocals, bass
- Fogolyán Kristóf / flute
- Maroevich Zsolt / viola
- Andrejszki Judit vocals
- Makovecz Pál / trombone
- Rácz Ottó / oboe
- Tüske Aladár / bassoon
- Winkler Balázs / trumpets

1. European Things (Hommage à Frank Zappa)(8:27)
2. Don't Betray Me (3:02)
3. Confess Your Beauty (6:50)
4. Madrigal Love Part One (2:14)
5. ...to Black... (5:05)
6. Madrigal Love Part Two (Over Every Sea) (3:00)
7. Madigral Love Part Free (0:51)
8. Shining (...to the Powers of Fairyland) (10:44)

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21 January 2010

Abacus - Abacus (1971)

"ABACUS is surely a big name for everyone interested in rock music. The band formed in 1971 made their breakthrough at the Germersheim rock festival, where ABACUS drew not less applause from the 300,000 visitors than PINK FLOYD, SANTANA or ELP which appeared on stage as well. Jürgen Wimpelberg takes on himself to play keyboards, guitars, drum programming as well as vocals.
After a lengthy absence from the recording scene, German band are back with a new album, "Fire Behind Bars". They develop Pop melodies into a wide instrumental manner, with gorgeous neo-classical and symphonic sequences. In a vein near GENESIS, GREENSLADE or PINK FLOYD. ABACUS offers a modern and attractive Progressive Rock music." - ProgArchives

- Felix Hans / drums, percussion
- Charlie Schade / guitar, sitar
- Chris Barutzky / keyboards
- Chris Williams / vocal
- Konstantin Bommarius / drums, percussion

1. Pipedream Revisited Part 1 & II
2. Cappucino
3. Don't Beat So On The Horses
4. Song For Brunhilde
5. Song For John And Yoko
6. Radbod Blues
7. Chestholder

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20 January 2010

Tony Williams Lifetime - The Collection (1992)

1992 reissue of "Believe It" (1975, tracks 1-6) and "Million Dollar Legs" (1976, tracks 7-13), featuring the great Holdsworth.

Drums - Tony Williams
Guitars - Allan Holdsworth
Bass, vocals - Tony Newton
Keyboards - Alan Pasqua

1. Snake Oil 6:28
2. Fred 6:48
3. Proto-Cosmos 4:03
4. Red Alert 4:40
5. Wildlife 5:22
6. Mr. Spock 6:17
7. Sweet Revenge 6:05
8. You Did It to Me Baby 3:52
9. Million Dollar Legs 6:39
10. Joy Filled Summer 5:53
11. Lady Jane 4:01
12. What You Do To Me 7:09
13. Inspirations Of Love 9:47

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Argent - In Deep (1973)

"Eighteen months after keyboard virtuoso Rod ARGENT left the famous sixties band The ZOMBIES, their single "Time Of The Season" from their last album "Odyssey & Oracle" topped the US charts and sold one million copies! There was a hugh demand to re-group The ZOMBIES but Rod ARGENT preferred to form his own band to make more PROGRESSIVE music. He recruted bass player John Rodford, drummer Bob Henritt and guitarist Russ Ballard and called the quartet ARGENT." - Erik Neuteboom

- Rod Argent / keyboards, vocals
- Russ Ballard / lead vocals, guitar
- Bob Henrit / drums
- Jim Rodford / bass

1. God Gave Rock And Roll To You
2. It's Only Money (Part 1)
3. It's Only Money (Part 2)
4. Losing Hold
5. Be Glad
6. Christmas For The Free
7. Candles On The River
8. Rosie
9. Hold Your Head Up

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18 January 2010

Peter Banks - Instinct (1993)

Peter Banks' claim to fame is being the guitar player with Yes on the first two albums before the breakthrough album "The Yes Album". "Instinct" is a solo album from 1993 with Peter playing all the instruments.

- Peter Banks / guitar, all other instruments
- Gerald Goff / unknown (2,6,9,12)
- Bill Forth / unknown (9, 11)

1. No Place Like Home (1:40)
2. All Points South (6:36)
3. Fogbound (2:16)
4. Sticky Wicket (6:56)
5. Shortcomings (8:11)
6. Code Blue (4:48)
7. Angles (5:40)
8. Anima Mundi (1:16)
9. Swamp Report (6:21)
10. Instinctive Behaviour (0:44)
11. Dominating Factor (5:28)
12. Never The Same (6:00)

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Larry Carlton - Friends (1983)

Carlton delivered his self-titled debut for Warner Bros. in 1978, shortly after he was recognized for his ground-breaking guitar playing on Steely Dan's Royal Scam album. (Carlton contributed the memorable guitar solo on "Kid Charlemagne.'') He released four more albums for Warner Bros., Strikes Twice (1980), Sleepwalk (1981), Eight Times Up (1982), and the Grammy-nominated Friends (1983), before being dropped from the label.

Guitars - Larry Carlton
Bass- Abe Laboriel
Drums - Jeff Porcaro
Keyboards - Terry Trotter, Brian Mann

1. Breaking Ground
2. South Town
3. Tequila
4. Blues For T.J.
5. Song In The 5th Grade
6. Cruisin'
7. L.A., N.Y.
8. Friends

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Roger Hodgson - In The Eye Of The Storm (1984)

"Best known as the one half of the very recognizable duo-fronting SUPERTRAMP in the 70's, Roger Hodgson left the group after the album "Famous Last Words" and turned to a solo career. He recorded a fine first solo album called "The Eye Of The Storm". However, as SUPERTRAMP will make their first album without him "Brother, Where You Bound?" a real success (both artistically and commercially) it became evident that after his second solo album "Haï, Haï" and his former group's "Free As A Bird" (both albums were rather poor) that both parties ended up as losers. A reunion seemed the obvious course, but unfortunately egos and business decisions have so far stopped this." - Hugues Chantraine

- Roger Hodgson / vocals, guitar, pianos
- Ken Allardyce / harmonica, backing vocals
- Clair Diament / vocals
- Jimmy Johnson / Fretless bass
- Scott Page / saxophones
- Michael Shrieve / drums

1. Had A Dream ("Sleeping With The Enemy") (8:49)
2. In Jeopardy (5:59)
3. Lovers In The Wind (4:11)
4. Hooked On A Problem (5:10)
5. Give Me Love, Give Me Life (7:33)
6. I'm Not Afraid (7:03)
7. Only Because Of You (8:40)

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Gnidrolog - Lady Lake (1972)

"GNIDROLOG are one of the more overlooked bands that took part in the progressive rock explosion in Britain around 1971-73. Intricate band, with an ecletic music that is very hard to categorize. Their music is a blend of blusy prog, with horn instruments, and intense vocals on top of it. They might appeal to GENTLE GIANT, JETHRO TULL and VDGG fans. Still, pick up "In Spite of Harry's Toenail" or better yet, their opus "Lady Lake", and prepare to be bowled over.." - ProgArchives

- Stewart Goldring / lead guitar
- Colin Goldring / rhythm guitar, vocals, recorder, tenor horn
- Nigel Pegrum / percussion, flute, oboe
- John Earle / soprano, tenor, baritone saxes, flute, lead vocal on "Social Embarassment"
- Peter Cowling / bass guitar, cellos
- Charlotte Fendrich / piano on "Same Dreams"

1. I could never be a soldier (11:36)
2. Ship (6:44)
3. A dog with no collar (2:09)
4. Lady Lake (8:53)
5. Same dreams (2:49)
6. Social embarrassment (6:30)

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17 January 2010

Pink Floyd - A Saucerful Of Secrets (1968)

"A Saucerful of Secrets is the second album by rock band Pink Floyd, and arguably one of the first progressive rock albums. It was recorded at EMI Studios, Abbey Road Studios, at various dates from August 1967 to April 1968. The album was released that June and reached #9 in the UK, while remaining the only Floyd album to not chart at all in the US (The Piper at the Gates of Dawn's US substitute, entitled Pink Floyd, lingered at the bottom of the US charts some months earlier). Due to Syd Barrett's declining mental state, this would be the last Pink Floyd album that he would work on. During its difficult recording sessions, Barrett became increasingly unstable and in January 1968, David Gilmour was brought in. Barrett finally quit the band by early March, leaving this new incarnation of Pink Floyd to finish the album.." - Wikipedia

* Roger Waters - bass guitar, lead vocals
* David Gilmour - lead guitar, lead vocals (incorrectly spelt "Gilmore" on the album)
* Rick Wright - piano, organ, mellotron, vibraphone, lead vocals
* Nick Mason - drums, percussion, vocals
* Syd Barrett - rhythm guitar, lead vocals
* Norman Smith - drums and backing vocals on "Remember A Day"
* 8 members of the Salvation Army (The International Staff Band) - Ray Bowes (cornet), Terry Camsey (cornet), Mac Carter (trombone), Les Condon (Eb bass), Maurice Cooper (Euphonium), Ian Hankey (trombone), George Whittingham (Bb bass), and one other in "Jugband Blues".

1. "Let There Be More Light" (Roger Waters) – 5:38
2. "Remember a Day" (Rick Wright) – 4:33
3. "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" (Roger Waters) – 5:28
4. "Corporal Clegg" (Roger Waters) – 4:13
5. "A Saucerful of Secrets" (Roger Waters/Rick Wright/David Gilmour/Nick Mason) – 11:57
6. "See-Saw" (Rick Wright) – 4:36
7. "Jugband Blues" (Syd Barrett) – 3:00

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16 January 2010

Arachnoïd - Arachnoïd (1978)

"ARACHNOÏD is a French major progressive band whose music was combined the strengths of other French symphonic groups and dark progressive rock that recalled KING CRIMSON. The dark sound, almost like UNIVERS ZERO, is accomplished mostly by melodic structures in the vein of KING CRIMSON's "Larks' Tongues In Apic" and dramatical vocals similar to that of Christian DECAMPS from ANGE. ARACHNOÏD's music express a continuous tension with flashing guitar's parts and tormented keyboards interventions. A unique band with nods to KING CRIMSON, PULSAR, SHYLOCK & PINK FLOYD!
ARACHNOÏD's 1978 self-titled album is one of France's finest progressive albums of the 70's, but not classic. The first four tracks of the seven original are the best, but also the most complicated and intriguing. Classically-inspired instrumentals, but their vocalist is weak. Recommended for all adventurous progters!" - ProgArchives

- Pierre Kuti / acoustic and electric pianos, synths
- Bernard Mini / drums
- Marc Meryl / lead vocals, tambourine
+ Philippe Honore / flute, saxophone
- Yves Javault / vocals
- Christine Mariey / voice
- Martine Rateau / voice
- Patrick Woindrich / bass, guitar, vocals
- Nicolas Popowski / guitar, vocals

1. Le Chamadere (13:49)
2. Piano Caveau (7:18)
3. In the Screen Side Of Your Eyes (4:03)
4. Toutes Ces Images (8:04)
5. La Guepe (8:39)
6. L'Adieu Au Pierrot (0:57)
7. Final (3:02)

Bonus Tracks
8. L'Hiver (4:14)
9. Le Pierrot (5:07)
10. L'Adieu (3:20)
11. Piano Caveau (instrumental) (7:15)

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15 January 2010

Peter Gabriel - Shaking The Tree : Sixteen Golden Greats (1990)

"As greatest hits compilations go, this is one of the good ones. GABRIEL's catalog was ripe for the picking, with a smattering of nonalbum tracks (the title track, the remix of "I Have The Touch") to attract fans. "Shaking The Tree" doesn't follow chronological order, instead manipulating the listener with islands of upbeat music in between an ocean of calm, dark waters. The track selection is intelligent though not as democratic as it might have been. Is "Family Snapshot" better than anything on GABRIEL's second album? No, but the intent here was obviously to favor GABRIEL's more subdued and sophisticated tracks." - daveconn-ProgArchives

- Peter Gabriel / vocals, piano, fairlight, prophet, CS80, percussion
- Tony Levin / bass, stick (1-3,7,8,10,12,13), drumstick bass (14)
- Steve Hunter / guitar (1)
- Robert Fripp / guitar (1,2)
- Larry Fast / synthesizers (1,8,11-13,16)
- Alan Schwartzberg / drums (1)
- Jerry Marotta / drums (2,4,8,10-12,16), drumstick bass (14)
- David Rhodes / guitar (2-4,6,7,8,10-15)
- Manu Katche / drums (3,6,7)
- Phil Collins / snare drum (4), surdu (16)
- John Gilbin / bass (4)
- Larry Klein / bass (5)
- Youssou N'Dour / vocals (6)
- Habib Faye / bass, guitar (6)
- Kate Bush / vocals (7,11)
- John Ellis / guitar (8)
- Daniel Lanois / guitar (10,14)
- Stewart Copeland / hi-hat (10), drums (14)
- Peter Hammill / backing vocals (12)
- Simon Philips / drums (13)
- Simon Clark / bass (14)
- Shankar / doublin violin (15)
- Nathan East / bass (15)

1. Solsbury Hill (4:20)
2. I Don't Remember (edit) (3:48)
3. Sledgehammer (slight remix) (4:56)
4. Family Snapshot (4:25)
5. Mercy Street (edit) (4:44)
6. Shaking The Tree (1990 remix) (6:24)
7. Don't Give Up (edit) (5:56)
8. San Jacinto (6:41)
9. Here Comes The Flood (new recording 1990) (4:31)
10. Red Rain (5:36)
11. Games Without Frontiers (edit) (3:57)
12. Shock The Monkey (edit) (3:58)
13. I Have The Touch (1983 remix) (3:44)
14. Big Time (4:26)
15. Zaar (2:59)
16. Biko (edit) (6:54)

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Nitzinger - Nitzinger (1971)

"The debut album by legendary early seventies Texas band Nitzinger is finally available again on CD! Featuring incisive tracks punctuated by the above-average guitar playing of leader and guitar guru John Nitzinger (another killer axeman, Bugs Henderson, is also present on almost every track, although his name did not originally appear in the sleeve credits), and an adrenaline pumped rhythm section featuring Linda Waring on drums and Curly Benton on bass and vocals. The band's sound can be compared to that of Frank Marino in his prime. In other words, this is authentic hard blues rock. Nitzinger's name is also linked to that of another great band, Bloodrock, labelmates and friends with similar musical tastes, so prepare yourself for an aural guitar-heavy assault... Texas style!" - Product Information

1. L.A. Texas Boy 2:28
2. Ticklelick 2:44
3. No Sun 3:40
4. Louisiana Cock Fight 3:32
5. Boogie Queen 4:50
6. Witness to the Truth 3:26
7. The Nature of Your Taste 2:25
8. My Last Goodbye 3:42
9. Enigma 4:12
10. Hero of the War 3:30
11. King's X 2:50
12. Pretty Boy Shuffle 2:39

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14 January 2010

Supertramp - Even In The Quietest Moments... (1977)

"I bought this album shortly after Christmas on a whim. I really enjoyed Crime of the Century, but I figured Supertramp probably couldn't do any better and was really just curious about their sound. And at first I thought I was right. I really didn't give it the time of day on its first few plays through, focusing more on the familiar Give a littler bit more than anything else. As time has gone on however I have come to appreciate the rest of the album to the point where it has become one of my most cherished albums." - R-A-N-M-A-ProgArchives

- Roger Hodgson / vocals, keyboards, guitars
- Rick Davies / vocals, keyboards
- Dougie Thomson / bass
- John Anthony Helliwell / wind Instruments, vocals
- Bob C. Benberg / drums, percussion

1. Give a little bit (4:07)
2. Lover Boy (6:49)
3. Even in the Quietest moments (6:39)
4. Downstream (4:00)
5. Babaji (4:49)
6. From now On (6:10)
7. Fool's Overture (10:51)

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13 January 2010

Semiramis - Dedicato A Frazz (1973)

"SEMIRAMIS is one of the many "one-shot" bands of the 70's Italy. Their only album is one of my favorite albums of the 70's Italian art rock. Combining elements of Italian folk, heavy progressive passages (especially in the middle of the album), Baroque church music, jazz, classical, and a good dose of insanity. "Dedicato A Frazz" pounds every sense, challenges every synapse in a flurry of ideas. There are more symphonic, keyboard-led parts as well where SEMIRAMIS may sound closer YES, GENESIS or BANCO. A fantastic album...!" - ProgArchives

- Marcello Reddovide / bass
- Gianpiero Artegiani / synthesizer
- Michele Zarrillo / guitar
- Maurizio Zarrillo / piano, synthesizer

1. La bottega del rigattiere (6:01)
2. Luna Park (5:58)
3. Uno zoo di vetro (4:28)
4. Per un strada affolata (5:00)
5. Dietro una porta di carta (5:42)
6. Frazz (5:05)
7. Clown (4:34)

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11 January 2010

Aardvark - Aardvark (1970)

"A prog act without a guitar player? That's exactly what this early 70's British foursome is. Originally, they became known mainly because Paul Kossof and Simon Kirke played in the band before leaving to form legendary band FREE. From then on, AARDVARK were mostly a studio act and by the time they recorded their only album, the line-up consisted of Stan Aldous (bass), Frank Clark (drums), Steve Milliner (keyboards, recorder, vibraphone) and Dave Skillin (vocals). Comparisons are not easy but one could probably say their music has the power of EMERSON, LAKE & POWELL mixed in with a little R&B à la PROCOL HARUM and early MOODY BLUES. Shades of GRYPHON, GREENSLADE and PINK FLOYD are also present.." - Lise Hibou

- Stan Aldous / bass
- Frank Clark / drums
- Steve Milliner / keyboards, recorder, vibraphone
- Dave Skillin / vocals

1. Copper Sunset (3:17)
2. Very Nice Of You To Call (3:39)
3. Many Things To Do (4:22)
4. Greencap (6:04)
5. I Can't Stop (5:28)
6. Outing (9:50)
7. Once Upon A Hill (3:03)
8. Put That In Your Pipe (7:13)

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Gentle Giant - Three Friends (1972)

"Three Friends (1972) is an album by the BRITISH PROGRESSIVE ROCK band Gentle Giant. The group's third album was also their first American release to chart, peaking at #197 on the Billboard 200.
It is Gentle Giant's first concept album, dealing with three childhood friends whose lives take them very different places. It was also their first self-produced album. The two former albums were produced by David Bowie and T Rex producer Tony Visconti.
Gary Green's guitar solo on "Peel the Paint" uses an echoplex belonging to Mike Ratledge that Green's brother Jeff, a roadie with Ratledge's band Soft Machine, had borrowed." - Wikipedia

Gary Green - guitars, percussion
Kerry Minnear - keyboards, vibraphone, percussion, Moog, vocals
Malcolm Mortimore - drums
Derek Shulman - vocals
Phil Shulman - sax, vocals
Ray Shulman - bass, violin, 12 string guitar, vocals

1. Prologue – 6:13
2. Schooldays – 7:37
3. Working All Day – 5:12
4. Peel the Paint – 7:31
5. Mister Class and Quality? – 3:23
6. Three Friends – 5:26

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Mezarkabul - Unspoken (2001)

"..Without doubt, Mezarkabul is the greatest and most original Heavy Metal band that has emerged from Turkey. They started out way back in the mid-80's as a speed/thrash metal band when they were all teenagers but slowly developed their own unique sound , and are currently one of the best bands with subtle Middle Eastern influences, lots of Turkish traditional instruments, a brilliant sense of production and melody in their songs, and above all very talented musicians.." - Murat Batmaz

Murat İlkan - vocals
Hakan Utangaç - guitar
Metin Türkcan - solo guitar
Tarkan Gözübüyük - bass
Cenk Ünnü - drums

01. We Come From Nowhere
02. In Esir Like An Eagle
03. Unspoken
04. Lions In A Cage
05. For The One Unchanging
06. MezarKabul
07. Take My Time
08. Pain
09. Puratu
10. This Too Will Pass
11. For Those Who Died Alone

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10 January 2010

Argent - Argent (1970)

"Argent were an English rock band founded in 1969 by Rod Argent, formerly of The Zombies. The first three demos from Argent, recorded in the autumn of 1968 featured Mac MacLeod on bass guitar. The other original members were drummer Robert Henrit and bassist Jim Rodford (later members of The Kinks) and guitarist/keyboardist Russ Ballard, who contributed to several compositions through the group's career (some of Ballard's compositions became hits when they were covered by other artists, including Rainbow and Santana). When Ballard left in 1973, he was replaced by guitarist/vocalist John Verity and guitarist John Grimaldi and there followed a period of intense recording and touring until the band decided to come off the road late in 1976." - Wikipedia

- Rod Argent / keyboards, vocals
- Russ Ballard / lead vocals, guitar
- Bob Henrit / drums
- Jim Rodford / bass

1. Like honey
2. Liar
3. Be free
4. Schoolgirl
5. Dance in the smoke
6. Lonely hard road
7. The feeling's inside
8. Freefall
9. Stepping stone
10. Bring you joy

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Pink Floyd - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (1967)

"The Piper at the Gates of Dawn is Pink Floyd's debut album and the only one made under Syd Barrett's leadership, although he made some contributions to the follow-up, A Saucerful of Secrets. It has been regarded as one of the most influential LPs ever made, being a tremendous influence on the psychedelic rock scene of the time, and much of what followed. The album has whimsical lyrics about space, scarecrows, gnomes, bicycles and fairytales, along with psychedelic instrumental passages. The album was recorded at Abbey Road Studios at the same time The Beatles were recording Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
In 2000 Q magazine placed The Piper at the Gates of Dawn at number 55 in its list of the 100 Greatest British Albums Ever. In 2003, the album was ranked number 347 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time." - Wikipedia

Syd Barrett - Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, lead vocals
Roger Waters - bass guitar, vocals
Rick Wright - Farfisa Compact Duo, Hammond Organ, Piano, synthesizer, Vibraphone, vocals
Nick Mason - Drums, Percussion

astronomy domine
lucifer sam
matilda mother
pow r. toc h.
take up thy stethoscope and walk
interstellar overdrive
the gnome
chapter 24

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9 January 2010

Supertramp - Breakfast In America (1979)

"Breakfast in America is the sixth album by the band Supertramp, released in 1979. It was recorded the previous year at the Village Recorder in Los Angeles. The album featured four hit singles: "The Logical Song" (#6), "Goodbye Stranger" (#15), "Take the Long Way Home" (#10), and the title cut (#62).
Tensions between band members Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies started to come to the fore on this album. When Hodgson was interviewed for an episode of In the Studio with Redbeard devoted to the making of the album, he remarked "Rick (Davies) didn't like the song "Breakfast in America" and didn't want it on the album. He also didn't want the album to be titled Breakfast in America either and I guess I won out on both accounts". Davies originally opted for either Working Title or Hello Stranger as Breakfast in America's album title." - Wikipedia

Rick Davies - keyboard, vocals
John Helliwell - saxophone, vocals, woodwind
Roger Hodgson - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Bob Siebenberg (credited as C. Benberg) - drums
Dougie Thomson - bass
Slyde Hyde - trombone, tuba

1. Gone Hollywood
2. The Logical Song
3. Goodbye Stranger
4. Breakfast In America
5. Oh Darling
6. Take The Long Way Home
7. Lord Is It Mine
8. Just Another Nervous Wreck
9. Casual Conversations
10. Child Of Vision

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6 January 2010

Anekdoten - Nucleus (1995)

"Excellent HEAVY/HARD PROG band from SWEDEN whose music is strongly influenced by King Crimson, with outstanding mellotron and cello passages. Dark moods are present all the time in their music where the distorted bass and raw drums are another trademark. Their live performances are outrageous, and those who saw them live at Progfest '94 know what I'm talking about..."

- Peter Nordins / percussion
- Jan Erik Liljeström / bass & vocals
- Nicklas Berg / guitar, rhodes, clavinet, pump organ, mellotron & vocals
- Anna Sofi Dahlberg / cello, mellotron & voice
- Helena Killander / violin
- Tommy Anderson / Rhodes (2)

1. Nucleus (5:08)
2. Harvest (6:58)
3. Book of Hours (9:58)
4. Raft (0:58)
5. Rubankh (3:07)
6. Here (7:23)
7. This Far From The Sky (8:47)
8. In Freedom (6:27)

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5 January 2010

Supertramp - Supertramp (1970)

"In my opinion, the best Supertramp album ever. At this time, they had a more progressive approach, although this was their first album, from 70, where progressive rock wasn't what it became in 72, for example. The highlights are Maybe I'm a beggar, with a very good guitar solo, and Try again. Recommended to all Supertramp fans and for those who thinks that Supertramp has some good songs, but doesn't like the popish songs." - akin-ProgArchives

- Richard Davies / organ, piano, electric piano, harmonica, vocals
- Roger Hodgson / bass, flageolet, acoustic guitar, cello, vocals
- Richard Palmer / electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Balalaika, vocals
- Bob Millar / percussion, harmonica

1. Surely (0:30)
2. It's A Long Road (5:26)
3. Aubade And I am not Like other birds of Prey (5:17)
4. Words Unspoken (3:58)
5. Maybe I'm A Beggar (6:48)
6. Home Again (1:14)
7. Nothing To Show (4:55)
8. Shadow Song (4:20)
9. Try Again (12:03)
10. Surely (3:08)

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4 January 2010

Brian Eno - Here Come The Warm Jets (1973)

"Brian Eno's first solo outing, 1973's self-produced HERE COME THE WARM JETS is an excellent album, for those who can appreciate inspired lunacy -- but it's nothing like his later ambient works, or the generally more serious and disciplined ANOTHER GREEN WORLD and BEFORE AND AFTER SCIENCE.
This recording is great fun, but it's certainly not for everyone. Along with the clever studio craft that would later make him perhaps the most sought-after producer in modern music, Eno shows a wicked sense of humour. If you have a hard time with "novelty" songs, and humour in music in general, be warned: silly songs like "The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch" (try getting away with that title today!), "Driving Me Backwards," "Blank Frank" and "Dead Finks Don't Talk" may well drive you away from your speakers and toward the STOP button... but I welcome witty wackiness in music, especially when it's as well executed as this!" - Peter-ProgArchives

- Brian Eno / vocals, keyboards, guitars, synthesizers, treatments
- Simon King / drums
- Nick Kool / keyboards
- Nick Judd / keyboards
- Andy Mackay / keyboards, saxophone
- Robert Fripp / guitar
- Phil Manzanera / guitar
- Paul Rudolph / guitar, bass
- Chris Spedding / guitar
- Busta Cherry Jones / bass
- Bill McCormick / bass
- John Wetton / bass
- Marty Simon / percussion
- Paul Thompson / percussion
- Lloyd Watson / slide guitar
- Sweetfeed / backing vocals
- Chris Thomas / bass

1. Needles in the Camel's Eye (3:10)
2. The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch (3:05)
3. Baby's on Fire (5:18)
4. Cindy tells me (3:25)
5. Driving me backwards (5:11)
6. On Some Faraway Beach (4:36)
7. Blank Frank (3:35)
8. Dead Finks don't Talk (4:20)
9. Some of them are Old (5:11)
10. Here Come the Warm Jets (4:02)

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3 January 2010

Area - 1978 Gli Dei Se Ne Vanno, Gli Arrabbiati Restano! (1978)

"Area - "Gli Dei se ne Vanno, gli Arrabbiati Restano" is absolutely a masterpiece of all the italian and world prog-jazz fusion. This is the last record with Demetrio Stratos on vocals (one year later he will die) and the emotions that this album, the best Area album, for me, provoke in me are really a lot. The songs are all masterpieces, but the one that I love with all my prog soul is "Return From Workuta". A piece with Stratos on vocals and sinth and Tavolazzi on contrabass. Really I cry when I hear the power of Demetrio's vocals and the perfect harmony between his voice and the sound of VCS3, played by Stratos himself. Highly recommended to everyone who wants to know real progressive and experimental music. Area is the best I've found in music." - dodaro-ProgArchives

- Giulio Capiozzo / drums, vibraphone, percussion
- Patrizio Fariselli / piano, organ, electric piano, synthesizer ARP Odyssey, Pro-Sploist, polymoog, omni
- Ares Tavolazzi / electric & acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, mandola, trombone, pocket trumpet, vocals
- Demetrio Stratos / vocal, organ, electric & acoustic piano, ocarina

1. Il Bandito Del Deserto(3:13)
2. Interno Con Figure E Luci (4:07)
3. Return From Workuta (3:02)
4. Guardati Dal Mese Vicino All'Aprile! (5:12)
5. Hommage À Violette Nozières (3:18)
6. Ici On Dance! (3:27)
7. Acrostico In Memoria Di Laio (6:12)
8. "FFF" (Festa, Farina e Forca) (3:49)
9. Vodka Cola (7:27)

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Il Rovescio Della Medaglia - La Bibbia (1971)

"The first and the best album of the group. Remarkable is the rhythm section: it's an original voice in '70s progressive music, so that many traditional progressive fans may dislike it. Feable point: vocals seem to be a little bit out of date." - mlgdominici-ProgArchives

- Enzo Vita / guitars
- Pino Ballarini / vocals, flute
- Stefano Urso / bass
- Gino Campoli / drums

1. Il Nulla (4:56)
2. La Creazione (5:17)
3. L'Ammonimento (5:19)
4. Sodoma E Gomorra (4:51)
5. Il Giudizio (10:15)
6. Il Diluvio (2:14)

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2 January 2010

Area - Maledetti (1976)

"Area’s fourth studio effort is yet another masterpiece in their recording catalogue, standing out as the most solid showcase for their musical ideology so far. “Maledetti” is a bit stronger than their second gem “Caution Radiation Area” and, in some ways, much bolder. The music itself is mostly driven by bass and furious drums, with loads of piano and keyboard works, spiced up with incredible Demetrio's vocals and his daring experimentations: from yodeling, squeaking, howling, growling, snoring, sometimes all of that in the same time.." - Cesar Inca-ProgArchives

- Giulio Capiozzo / drums, percussion
- Patrizio Fariselli / piano, electric piano, bass clarinett, synthesizer, percussion
- Ares Tavolazzi / electric & acoustic bass, trombone
- Paolo Tofani / guitar, synthesizer, flute, tcherepnin
- Demetrio Stratos / vocal, organ, cembalo, steel drums , percussion
- Eugenio Colombo / kazumba
- Hugh Bullen / bass
- Walter Calloni / drums
- Steve Lacy / soprano sax
- Anton Arze & Jose Arze / txalaparta
- Paul Lytton / percussion
- Paolo Salvi / cello
- Giorgio Garulli / contrabass

1. Evaporazione (1:45)
2. Diforisma urbano (6:18)
3. Gerontocrazia (7:30)
4. Scum (6:30)
5. Il massacro di Brandeburgo numero tre in sol maggiore (2:20)
6. Giro, giro, tondo (5:55)
7. Caos (parte seconda) (9:00)

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1 January 2010

Queen - Queen (1973)

"Queen is the debut album by English rock group Queen, released in July 1973. It was recorded at Trident Studios and De Lane Lea Music Centre, London, with production by Roy Thomas Baker (as Roy Baker), John Anthony, and Queen. It was released to a generally positive critical reception." - Wikipedia

Freddie Mercury (vocals, piano)
Brian May (guitar, piano, background vocals)
John Deacon (bass instrument)
Roger Taylor (percussion)
Recording information: Trident Studios, London, England.

1. Keep Yourself Alive
2. Doing All Right
3. Great King Rat
4. My Fairy King
5. Liar
6. Night Comes Down, The
7. Modern Times Rock & Roll
8. Son & Daughter
9. Jesus
10. Seven Seas Of Rhye

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Joe Satriani - Dreaming #11 (1988)

"Dreaming #11 is an EP by Joe Satriani released in 1988 with three live tracks and one new studio track, The Crush of Love. Live tracks, taken from the Surfing With the Alien tour were recorded At The California Theater, San Diego, CA On June 11, 1988.
Along with Satriani's releases up to his 1995 self-titled album, Dreaming #11 was re-issued in 1997 on Epic Records. The Relativity Records version is now out of print." - Wikipedia

Joe Satriani - Guitar
Stuart Hamm - Bass
Jonathan Mover - Drums

1 - "The Crush of Love" (Satriani, John Cuniberti) – 4:20
2 - "Ice 9" – 3:58 [Live]
3 - "Memories" – 8:46 [Live]
4 - "Hordes of Locusts" – 5:08 [Live]

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