17 November 2010

Le Stelle Di Mario Schifano - Dedicato A (1967)

"This is not prog but is nevertheless a milestone in italian music.It is a sort of Andy's Warhol Velvet Underground.Mario Schifano was a famous pop painter and photographer artist and among all is work he wanted to create a musical happening,a sort of art form and for this he contacted this musicians and they made this album,which is very psychedelic.It was never distribuited through shops,it was sold at concerts as an art object (The cover is a highly-rated work of art,done by Mario Schifano and the price was about 10 times the cost of a normal LP) and because of this did not sell very well and therefore it is very rare,i'm not sure but it probably sold no more than 100 copies.A good copy can be sold at more than £ 2000 and even now that it has been released on CD it is still very collectable.It is not a masterpiece musically( 3 stars for music) but it is nice to know and have something so important for italian music in your possession( 5 stars for historic importance).Hope you will enjoy it." - Franco58-SilverainTR

-Urbano Orlandi-Guitar/Vocals
-Nello Marini-Keybords/Vocals
-GianDomenico Crescentini-Bass
-Sergio Cerra-Drums
-Franscesca Camerana-Acoustic Guitar/Vocals
-Guest Musicians-?

1. Le Ultime Parole di Brandimante, dall’Orlando Furioso, ospite Peter Harman e Fine
(Da ascoltarsi con tv accesa, senza volume) (17.20)
2. Molto Alto (3.12)
3. Susan Song (3.36)
4. E Dopo (2.09)
5. Intervallo (2.30)
6. Molto Lontano (a Colori) (2.45)

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