9 February 2009

Galliard - New Dawn (1970)

"Galliard’s second album came out the following year of their debut’s release with a major line-up change, even if five of six original members remained: while sax player John Smith departed, he was replaced by a four-man wind section, not including Caswell’s trumpet. Also joining is keyboardist John Morton. While these are included as band members in a few reference books, some of the musicians play so few things, that most likely they were guest musicians (such as the well-known Harry Beckett playing on two tracks only)..." - Sean Trane-ProgArchives

- Andrew Abbott / bass, second lead vocals
- Geoff Brown / vocals, rhythm guitar
- Dave Caswell / woodwind (saxophone & flute)
- Richard Pannell / guitar, sitar
- Leslie Podraza / drums
- John Smith / woodwind
- Harald Beckett / trumpet, flute, horn
- John Hughes / trombone
- Lyle Jenkins / saxophone
- John Morton / keyboards
- Tony Roberts / saxophone, flute
- Tommy Thomas / percussion

1. New Dawn Breaking (4:20)
2. Ask For Nothing (9:02)
3. Winter-Spring-Summer (5:57)
4. Open Up Your Mind (3:14)
5. And Smile Again (4:09)
6. Somethings Going On (4:54)
7. Premonition (4:45)
8. In Your Minds Eyes (6:31)

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7 February 2009

The Gods - Genesis (1968)

"The GODS are most famous for introducing the world to Ken Hensley, the multi talented, main songwriter of URIAH HEEP’s most famous period and an excellent solo career in his own right, but also housing Greg Lake and Mick Taylor in their ranks at some point in their relatively short lived history. However, they were arguably, alongside DEEP PURPLE’s earliest work, the closest the UK came to VANILLA FUDGE..." - ProgArchives

- Ken Hensley/ keyboards, vocals
- Joe Konas/ guitars, vocals
- John Glascock/ bass, vocals
- Lee Kerslake/ drums, vocals

1. Towards The Skies (3:24)
2. Candles Getting Shorter (4:28)
3. You're My Life (3:20)
4. Looking Glass (4:18)
5. Misleading Colours (3:38)
6. Radio Show (3:12)
7. Plastic Horizon (3:26)
8. Farthing Man (3:30)
9. I Never Know ((5:41)
10. Love And Eternity (2:41)

Bonus Tracks
11. Baby's Rich (2:45)
12. Somewhere In The Street (2:47)
13. Hey Bulldog (3:01)
14. Real Love Guaranteed (2:29)

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6 February 2009

Emtidi - Emtidi (1970)

"Emtidi was a GERMAN duo stuck somewhere between the KOSMISCHE and PSYCHEDELIC movements stylistically. Despite having only two members a full sound is provided, as Maik Hirschfeldt provides guitars, flute, some keyboards and vocals while Dolly Holmes is charged with lead vocals and most of the keyboard work. First album's first side contains fragile naive acid folk, the second side is quiet good with also a more stoned track, 'Let the joint go round', a dreamy track, 'Yvonne's Dream' and a nice longer 'Flutepiece'. " - ProgArchives

- Maik Hirschfeldt / 7 & 12-string acoustic guitar, flute, vocals
- Dolly Holmes / 6-string acoustic guitar, bouzouki, kazoo, vocals

1. Lookin' for people (3:55)
2. Shadow on your face (3:55)
3. Long long journey (2:24)
4. No turn back (1:55)
5. Space age (4:10)
6. Let the joint go 'round (5:00)
7. Yvonne's dream (2:40)
8. Birds on a graveyard (3:30)
9. Flutepiece (7:20)

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Pseu - Pseu (1982)

"PSEU were a band from Bordeaux France who existed from 1979-1983.Their music is very much in the MAGMA school of things with male French vocals.His vocals are often theatrical,sometimes tortured,and you could add strange and bizarre to those descr.iptions as well.He often sings melodies without words, and sometimes mimics an instrument that has just played ahead of him.He's great.There is a definite Rio flavour at times,and talk about complex arrangments and instrumental work! This music is for the adventerous who are up for a challenge, but who also enjoy catchy rhythms and wonderful solos..." - sinkadotentree-ProgArchives

- Christian Coutzac / vocals
- Erik Baron / bass on tracks 1 - 5
- Philippe Dulong / guitar
- Thierry Jardinier / keyboards
- Christophe Godet / drums
- Philippe Canellas / bass on tracks 6 & 7
- Pierre Delair / keyboards on tracks 6 & 7

1. Biguine (2:49)
2. Satno Danse (6:59)
3. La Ronde Du Jardinier (Simulacre / Part 1) (5:29)
4. Rencontre Avec Les Dévas (Simulacre / Part 2) (3:39)
5. Vidange (10:50)
6. Miroir (12:01)
7. Démascarade (11:19)

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Titus Groan - Titus Groan (1970)

"I first heard this band on a college radio program and was blown away. The thing that struck me was the vocals. Awesome! Strangely, the liner notes to the CD do not credit anyone for singing, and all of the tracks HAVE singing. Anyway, the first song, "It's All Up With Us", is IMO the best song. Second best is the mostly instrumental track, "Hall Of Bright Carvings". The only downer for me really, is the singing on "Woman Of The World", but it's still half decent. Too bad they only produced one album. Excellent. 4 stars." - Review by sco-bro-ProgArchives

- Stuart Cowell / keyboards, guitar, vocals
- John Lee / bass
- Tony Priestland / saxophone, flute, oboe
- Jim Toomey / drums

1. It Wasn't For You
2. Hall Of Bright Carvings
a) Theme
b) Dusty High-Value Hall
c) The Burning
d) Theme
3. I Can't Change
4. It's All Up With Us
5. Fuschia

Bonus Tracks
6. Open The Door Homer
7. Woman Of The World
8. Liverpool

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Aphrodite's Child - End Of The World (1968)

"Aphrodite's Child was a Greek progressive rock band formed in 1967, by Vangelis Papathanassiou (keyboards); Demis Roussos (bass guitar and vocals), Loukas Sideras (drums and vocals), and Anargyros "Silver" Koulouris (guitar). Papathanassiou and Roussos had already been successful in Greece (playing in the bands Formynx and Idols respectively) while they got together with Sideras and Koulouris to form a new band. Their first recording as a band was for George Romanos album In concert and in Studio where they were played on four songs and credited as "Vangelis and his orchestra". In the same year they recorded a two song demo and submitted it to Philips Records."-Wikipedia

- Vangelis Papathanasiou / bass, keyboards
- Demis Roussos / vocals, bass, guitar
- Lucas Sideras / drums, vocals

1. End of the World (3:13)
2. Don't Try to Catch a River (3:38)
3. Mister Thomas (2:52)
4. Rain and Tears (3:10)
5. The Grass is No Green (6:05)
6. Valley of Sadness (3:13)
7. You always Stand in My Way (3:55)
8. The Shepherd and the Moon (3:04)
9. Day of the Fool (5:50)

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1 February 2009

Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond (1972)

"Captain Beyond is a one-of-a-kind PROGRESSIVE album with rock, heavy metal, and jazz influences with a "SPACE ROCK" lyrical bend. Formed by former members of Deep Purple (Rod Evans, vocals), Iron Butterfly (Rhino, lead guitar, and Lee Dorman, bass), and Johnny Winter (Bobby Caldwell, drums) Captain Beyond is an album that flows from riff to riff, drumbeat to drumbeat, often with various time signatures within the same song. Taking a tip from the Moody Blues, songs flow directly into each other without benefit of any lag time between selections..." - Michael Ofjord-Allmusic

- Bobby Caldwell / drums, percussion, vibes, bells, piano, backing vocals
- Lee Dorman / bass, piano, backing vocals
- Rod Evans / lead vocals
- Larry Reinhardt / acoustic, electric & slide guitars

1. Dancing madly backwards (on a sea of air) (4:02)
2. Armworth (1:48)
3. Myopic void (3:30)
4. Mesmerization eclipse (3:48)
5. Raging river of fear (3:51)
6. Thousand days of yesterday (intro) (1:19)
7. Frozen over (3:46)
8. Thousand days of yesterday (time since come and gone) (3:56)
9. I can't feel nothing (part 1) (3:06)
10. As the moon sparks (to the waves of the sea) (2:25)
11. Astral lady (0:16)
12. As the moon sparks (return) (2:13)
13. I can't feel nothing (part 2) (1:13)

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Quicksilver Messenger Service - Happy Trails (1969)

"Quicksilver Messenger Service was one of San Francisco's original psychedelic bands of the late 1960s. Essentially a jam band, their early albums and live shows contributed to some of the best instrumental jams of the period. They were popular around the Bay Area and achieved international recognition among devotees of psychedelic rock, but they did not reach the broader popularity enjoyed by their San Francisco contemporaries, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, and others. Their first album charted at 63 and their next four albums charted in the top 30 of the billboard Pop Albums charts." - Wikipedia

1. "Who Do You Love, Pt. 1" – 3:32
2. "When You Love" – 5:15
3. "Where You Love" – 6:07
4. "How You Love" – 2:45
5. "Which Do You Love" – 4:38
6. "Who Do You Love, Pt. 2" – 3:05
7. "Mona" – 7:01
8. "Maiden of the Cancer Moon" – 2:54
9. "Calvary" – 13:31
10. "Happy Trails" – 1:29

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Creedence Clearwater Revival - Cosmo's Factory (1970)

"The peak of a prolific streak, Cosmo's Factory was Creedence's fifth album in less than two years. It was a major commercial success, reaching #1 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart, and spawning no less than six top 5 singles. More amazingly, it also reached #11 on what was then the Billboard Soul Albums chart, a crossover feat nearly unheard of for a white pop/rock band. In 2003, the album was ranked number 265 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. The name of the album comes from the warehouse in Berkeley where the band rehearsed. Bandleader John Fogerty was so insistent on practicing (nearly every day) that drummer Doug "Cosmo" Clifford began referring to the place as "the factory"."

* Doug Clifford - drums
* Stu Cook - bass
* John Fogerty - lead guitar, piano, saxophone, vocals
* Tom Fogerty - rhythm guitar

1. "Ramble Tamble" (J. Fogerty) – 7:10
2. "Before You Accuse Me" (Bo Diddley) – 3:27
3. "Travelin' Band" (J. Fogerty) – 2:07
4. "Ooby Dooby" (Wade Moore, Dick Penner) – 2:07
5. "Lookin' Out My Back Door" (J. Fogerty) – 2:35
6. "Run Through the Jungle" (J. Fogerty) – 3:10
7. "Up Around the Bend" (J. Fogerty) – 2:42
8. "My Baby Left Me" (Arthur Crudup) – 2:19
9. "Who'll Stop the Rain" (J. Fogerty) – 2:29
10. "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" (Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong) – 11:07
11. "Long as I Can See the Light" (J. Fogerty) – 3:33

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