17 August 2009

David Lindley - Win This Record (1982)

As Jackson Browne's longtime accompanist and studio sideman for a host of West Coast wailers, David Lindley played the string man who could make the music sound sensitive. But on Win This Record, his second solo LP, Lindley and his group, El Rayo-X, sound like a professional garage band out to have some instant fun. Stacking harmonies like cases of beer, they use Etta James' "Something's Got a Hold on Me" to kick off the record at full tilt. Another uncovered gem is "Turning Point," a tasty serving of Memphis soul stew spiced by guest Booker T. Jones, whose organ plays a sprightly game of tag with Lindley's slide guitar.

1. Something's Got a Hold on Me
2. Turning Point
3. Spodie
4. Brother John
5. Premature
6. Talk to the Lawyer
7. Make It on Time
8. Rock It With I
9. Ram-a-Lamb-a Man
10. Look So Good

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