14 April 2009

Steve Morse Band - Stand Up (1985)

"Stand Up" is the second album of the first incarnation of the Steve Morse Band. In an attempt for more "commercial appeal" no less than four guest vocalists were added, not, however, to the detriment of the music. With the added vocal variety and instrumental prowes as strong as ever "Stand Up" has in fact become one of my favourite SMB albums.

Rod Morgenstein (left) - drums, percussion, piano
Steve Morse (center) - guitars
Jerry Peek (right) - bass
Peter Frampton - guitar on "Stand Up"
Eric Johnson - vocals and guitar on "Distant Star"
T. Lavitz - piano on "Unity Gain"
Albert Lee - vocals and guitar on "Rockin' Guitars"
Alex Ligertwood - vocals on "Stand Up"
Mark O'Connor - violin on "Pick Your Poison"
Van Temple - vocals on "Book Of Dreams"

1. Book Of Dreams (3:30)
2. English Rancher (4:28)
3. Rockin' Guitars (4:23)
4. Distant Star (3:58)
5. Pick Your Poison (3:30)
6. Stand Up (3:44)
7. Travels Of Marco Polo (6:02)
8. Golden Quest (4:16)
9. Unity Gain (5:32)

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